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Order processing can take 4-8 days, but during busy times the processing time can be up to 2 weeks. Our graphic designers process each order individually. so that we can ensure the best possible quality. We ship worldwide. Each delivery comes with a tracking code. Delivery times: USA 3-5 working days, UK 5-8 working days, rest of Europe 5-10 working days and the rest of the world 10-21 working days.

  • The order takes 4-8 days to process.
  • Delivery costs starting from 9,90 euros.
  • Delivery times from three days onwards.

Order processing

Order processing we have in the summer usually about 4-8 days. During busy times, such as Christmas or other festive times, order processing time can unfortunately increase to as much as 2 weeks due to high demand. It takes this long to process an order because each order is carefully reviewed by our graphic designers so that we can provide you with the best possible quality.

Each of our orders is handled by our graphic designer, and in this way we are able to guarantee that each order is guaranteed to be of high quality and individual. Every order goes through a quality inspection, and we only offer the best possible quality just for you. We want every order to be exactly in line with the customer's wishes, and in this way we also guarantee the best possible quality and customer service.

shipping costs

Our shipping costs vary depending on where your order is shipped. We currently ship to the United States and Canada, Europe, the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. Our delivery costs to the United States and Canada are currently 12,90 euros. Our delivery costs to mainland Europe are currently 9,90 euros. Our delivery costs to the Nordic countries are currently EUR 9,90. For the rest of the world, delivery costs are currently 14,90 euros.

Whenever you place your order, please make sure that we offer delivery to the address you want. Our shipping costs may vary for larger and larger orders, so please consider this when placing larger and larger orders. Each order and delivery comes with a tracking code that allows you to very easily track the delivery of your order via local mail or courier.

delivery times

Our delivery times vary depending on where in the world the order is shipped. Please note that delivery times do not include the time required to complete the order. Delivery time to the United States is currently 3-5 business days, to Canada, Australia and the UK 5-8 business days, to Europe 5-10 business days and to the rest of the world 10-21 business days. Delivery times may vary due to local mail and the COVID-19 situation.

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