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When you order a picture of your pet from us, you can be sure that the end result will be unique. There are many types of boards in our selection, and you can decide for yourself what your pet looks like on the board. The most important thing, of course, is for your pet to look like themselves in the picture, so everyone can easily notice that your beloved coat is in the picture.
  • As a model of the board, you need the most accurate picture of your pet
  • A regular cell phone picture works well
  • Send us a picture and choose the background and subject of the board
  • We will contact you if the image you took does not fit the model of the painting

Unfortunately, our artist is unable to meet your pet, so we need a photo of it. The picture does not have to be taken by a professional, but you can take the picture with your smartphone, for example. However, photographing pets can sometimes be a bit challenging, and that’s why we did a little photography guide. Follow these instructions to make sure you take a photo. Fun shooting moments for you and your pet!

Make the initial preparations carefully

If you are not a particularly experienced photographer, you should prepare carefully for taking the picture. You need to act quickly in a shooting situation because your pet will hardly be able to pose in the perfect position for very long. So make sure you know how to use your camera or your phone's camera beforehand. It would be a shame if the perfect picture was not obtained due to technical problems!

Also, consider whether you can take the picture alone, or whether you need someone to be your friend. An assistant could be helpful if your pet by no means understands that it should stay in place for a moment. When an assistant guides your pet, it’s easier for you to focus on filming. If your pet is most obedient to you, you may prefer to hand over the camera to an assistant and groom your pet to look at the camera.

Choose a scene that is bright enough

The image cannot be captured anywhere, as the lighting of the scene is of enormous importance. If the picture is taken in too dark, the features of your pet will literally be obscured. Therefore, it is wisest to take a picture in daylight outdoors, or in a well-lit room. It is not advisable to shoot a pet in backlight, because then the background is usually overexposed.

  • Shoot your pet outdoors in daylight
  • The sun is good to come from the side, not behind the pet
  • Check that your pet's coat is just the right color in the picture

Pay attention to the angle of view and position

If you take a picture of a pet sitting on the ground while standing, the proportions may be distorted. So kneel on the pet's level, or lift the pet to a chair, for example. The pet should be made upright or seated to make it easier for our artist to do their job. It’s not a good idea to aim for too special positions, but to try to get a natural image where your pet looks just like himself.

  • Get to the level of your pet
  • Take a picture directly from the front
  • Make sure your pet is fully visible in the picture, not forgetting the ears!

Describe only your pet

You may already have great pictures of your pet appearing with a human or other hairy muzzle. Unfortunately, they are not suitable as a model, as the artist making the painting needs a picture of your pet alone. When a photo is taken specifically of your pet, it is certainly accurate enough. However, you can also make a board with more animals if you wish.

Delicacies and toys are helpful in a shooting situation

Doesn’t your pet behave like a professional model but try to slip out of place at every turn? You can try bribery, as offering delicacies can be a surprisingly effective way to get an animal interested in the work of a model! Also, waving and making a toy can make your pet look towards the camera at just the right moment. You’re sure to know your pet’s habits and come up with a working const.

Make the shooting situation relaxed and fun

Finally, the most important piece of advice. Don’t take the pressure to take the perfect picture, because if you’re stressed, your pet will also get anxious. You get the best picture when you take it easy and let your pet enjoy being the center of attention. If you can't take the photo right away, try again later. After a short break, your pet may sit in front of the camera completely voluntarily!

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